What We Do

We are a leader in NYC for attracting, engaging and creating opportunities for talented storytellers of color in the fields of television, film and digital entertainment.

We function in three key areas:


Professional Development

Every month the Black TV & Film Collective leads professional development events and workshops. These are opportunities for artists to get better at their craft by both reinforcing existing skills and developing new ones. Some of our most popular events include the Writer’s Room, the Producing Circle and Office Hours.

Don’t be a stranger! We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

Relationship Building

Every month the Black TV & Film Collective leads relationship building events. These are opportunities for our members to both increase their network within the collective, but also with members of the industry outside the collective.  Some of our most popular events include the Speaker’s Series, the Pitch Session and the Filmmaker Meet and Greet.

Production Support & Resources

If you have a documentary, narrative feature, short, web series or TV pilot you are developing or producing, we’re a critical resource. The most important resource that independent content creators can tap into, is a supportive community. Come to Office Hours and let’s talk about your project and how we can help. Or list your project on our Member’s Projects Board to recruit crew, or better yet, search our membership database by skill or function to reach out to members directly.

As Seen On…

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New Original Series from the Black TV & Film Collective

Keloid https://youtu.be/j1_F9BijoGM?list=PLnYYrPkmE4EHSRGaOcQApwJHPEI9snaqN Our POV: Storytelling
All My Friends Are Married The Black TV & Film Collective

A non-profit organization dedicated to artists.

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